The Future?!

Februar 28, 2010

Alot of  things happend in the past and future.

Im not Leader anymore of my Linkshell, Xochipilli is the new Event Leader rom Hydras and i think he will try his Best.

I decide to this Decission, cause my Brain is to full with many other things and i fell me not anymore supported from my own Members. w/e

Our Dynamis Shell did succesfully our 1st Shadwolord.

Congrats to Irishpatt on Mantle.

We did several Omegas & Ultimas.

In Woopatroopas, yeah… we claimed sum Kings but no ordinary Drops, well we got fnally Claire for Exe!

Did few Baha V2 and sum other Events besides Grounds.

We will se what the Future bring.

The Lucky Times.

Januar 17, 2010

I didnt wrote something in the past cause nothing much happend last weeks.

We killed some Ponies, Faffies and Tiamats.

But no Shoes, no Ridills or anything what need to be posted.

The Only thing what happend to our luckiest Player on Server „Altaiir“

a Valor Cape dropped for him. Congrats.

My Einherjar Shell merged with BCWW to can do easily T3 & Odins.

On our second T3. We cleared the Chamber & pawned the Boss in 50secs.

Other thing Nano & Altaiir finally reached Stage 3 (ok yaya 3 1/2) on Aegis & Ghorn, we doing more Sponsor Runs now, so they can finish his


~Back to our Lucky Times~

First Ridill in 2010!

Januar 2, 2010

This Year began with a nice Surprise, our second Fafnir dropped a Ridill to us!

Congratulations Altaiir.